DIY Fall Leaf Placecards

I know it is only the 4th, but that means that we only have 20 more days to prep for Thanksgiving! I’ve said it before this year and I’m going to say it again – time is flying!! If your family is anything like mine, everyone shows up to Thanksgiving in their sweats and comfy clothes because we all just hang out and lounge around eating all day. Its glorious!!

I have been to a few “formal” thanksgivings and those are really fun too! I love seeing all the beautiful table-scapes, decorations and place settings. If this sounds more like your family, I have a really cool idea to share with you!

Fall Leaf Place Holders

I love that these are just printable place cards and if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, they are extra easy to make! Just print them out, cut them out and decorate them however you want! I really like how Julie from EAB Designs made the edges of the leaves look a little burned and aged. There are so many options with these cute place holders. Click here for the full tutorial!


Made By Me Mondays: DIY 5 Minute Fridge Magnets!

I recently read a post about how one blogger paid off over $27,000 worth of debt in just six months! That is pretty amazing am I right? I was inspired so the hubs and I talked about it and we decided that we were going to start abiding by some of Dave Ramsey’s rules: 1) The Envelope Budget, and 2) The Snowball System for Paying Debt.
We don’t have a ton of debt but we do have a credit card and my student loans from college. Those are killer!! We were actually considering buying a house and discovered that we could not afford anything in our area! I was so surprised! The main reason that we couldn’t afford it was that so much of our monthly income was going to the student loans that the banks didn’t think we could afford a big enough monthly payment for a house! My dreams of home-ownership were crushed and it was time for a change.  
Anyways, we committed to this budget system and I wanted to hang our envelopes up on the fridge but we don’t have any fridge magnets….weird huh? I know..and since we just committed to not spending extra money, I didn’t want to buy them so I decided to make them!
For this project you will need:
1) E-6000 glue or other strong glue (Click here to get yours where I got mine!)
2) Magnetic Strip
3) Glass Beads (like the kind that are about the size of a nickel)
4) Paper Towels

Step 1: Clean the glass beads with a wet paper towel
Step 2: Cut as many magnetic strips as you need but make sure to make them the correct size for your glass beads. I used 3 beads on each piece and I measured by lining the beads up on top of the magnetic strip.
Step 3: Before you glue anything onto your magnetic strips, make sure you are glueing them onto the correct side. I found out that my magnets were more magnetic on one side than the other so I needed to make sure that I glued the beads to the side that has two lines on it (see the picture below)

Step 4: Use your E-6000 glue to glue the glass beads to the magnets them to dry!
Step 5: Hang your cute new magnets up and enjoy!!
You can see in the picture above our envelopes that we use for our budgeting. We do $50/week for Eric’s play money, $50/week for my play money, and $50/week for groceries since its just the two of us right now. I have to get our money out of the ATM each week and since you can only get money out of the ATM in multiples of $20, we always have $10 left over. My hubby came up with the great idea of adding a date night envelope and adding the extra $10 each week to that envelope. Once it hits $100 we have to use it! What a great idea from the hubs!
Now off you go to make some cute magnets and hopefully I’ve also inspired you to do a little home budgeting!!
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Cute and Easy DIY Burp Cloths

With the baby only a few short months away from making his or her debut, I have been (and will probably continue) keeping my eye out for awesome baby related crafts. One that I found this week was this tutorial from Sara at House Bella on how to make your own super cute burp cloths! I know its not the most glamorous thing in the world but that’s OK because the cute patterns make it a lot more fun!
Sewing Baby Burp Cloths
Not only am I going to be making some of these for myself but I will also be making them for gifts for Christmas and Baby Showers! If you want some cute fabric for this project, check your local craft store or you can get your fabric where I’m going to get mine – Click Here!
Click here for the tutorial on these Cute and Easy DIY Burp Cloths!

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