DIY Fall Leaf Placecards

I know it is only the 4th, but that means that we only have 20 more days to prep for Thanksgiving! I’ve said it before this year and I’m going to say it again – time is flying!! If your family is anything like mine, everyone shows up to Thanksgiving in their sweats and comfy clothes because we all just hang out and lounge around eating all day. Its glorious!!

I have been to a few “formal” thanksgivings and those are really fun too! I love seeing all the beautiful table-scapes, decorations and place settings. If this sounds more like your family, I have a really cool idea to share with you!

Fall Leaf Place Holders

I love that these are just printable place cards and if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, they are extra easy to make! Just print them out, cut them out and decorate them however you want! I really like how Julie from EAB Designs made the edges of the leaves look a little burned and aged. There are so many options with these cute place holders. Click here for the full tutorial!


Paint Dipped Pinecones

It is getting closer to fall! I’m starting to notice that the leaves are turning and the weather is slowly but surely getting a little bit colder each week. I’ve been on the lookout for some beautiful fall crafts and this one caught my eye!
623e60e49a819aedad9c6b7a2f2843d4 Paint Dipped Pinecones. they look like porcelain flowers!
Can you imagine having those pretty little pinecones all over your mantle or in a glass jar on your table? I love this idea! Check out the full tutorial here!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Autumn Table Setting and Lanterns

Have you ever been to one of those houses for the Holidays and it seems like everything is perfect beyond perfect? The house looks clean, smells like pie, it’s decorated beautifully, and to top it all off, when you sit down for dinner, the table is decorated with beautiful handmade decor.
Sometimes I get insecure when I go to homes like this because, I gotta tell ya, that’s nothing like my house! For this reason, I rarely do any entertaining. Only for special occasions 🙂 I actually like to be the one being entertained haha!
Once I start a family though, I’m going to have to learn to get better at entertaining. I think one of the things that will make a huge impact with minimal effort is making these beautiful table settings and lanterns from Craft and Creativity!
I love the leaves hanging from the chandelier. It is such a natural feel for autumn. And I like the chandelier itself too! I may have to go on the hunt for one like that 🙂
This table setting is also really natural and fairly easy to create! I love the wine bottle that is wrapped in leaves. It really dresses up the bottle!
Thanks to Helena from Craft & Creativity for sharing this great decor!

 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Made By Me Monday #6: Dining Table Centerpieces

This week I have crossed a small something off my to do list for the dining room! I was so inspired by this post by this post by Kacey at Stay-At-Home Artist that I had to do some crafting of my own! Take a look at what I came up with:
I’m so excited to share this tutorial but of course, I was *way* too into my crafting and it did not occur to me to take any pictures of anything except the final product so I will do my best to explain the steps.
Please click “read more” for the tutorial and for more pictures of the finished product!

For this project you will need:
  • 2 small jars from the dollar store with a fairly skinny neck but that bow out like the top of the white middle jar.
  • 1 bigger jar from the dollar store with the same shape.
  • 2 4 inch Styrofoam balls
  • 1 5 inch Styrofoam ball
  • Fake flowers of your choice (I needed 4 bundles and I barely had enough to make it look full so you might need 5 bundles)
  • White paint of your choice
  • Tacky Glue
Step 1:
     Wash all the vases that you get from the dollar store
Step 2:
     Clip all the flowers off of there stems but leave about 1.5 inches attached to the flower so you can poke it into the Styrofoam ball.
Step 3:
      Pre-poke the holes into the Styrofoam ball before you put each flower in. Once you have pre-poked the hole for one flower, put a little bit of tacky glue in there. Then insert the flower into the hole. This will help to hold the flower in place long term.
Step 4:
     Keep inserting the flowers into the Styrofoam ball but make sure to leave an empty space on the bottom of the ball so you can glue it to the glass vase.
Step 5:
     Once you have covered all the space except for the little bit on the bottom, you can glue it to the glass vase with the tacky glue and your done with the flowery vases!
Step 6:
     For the white vase, just put a GIANT glob of white paint into the bottom of the vase and swirl it around until the whole inside of the vase is covered. Put the extra white paint back into the paint bottle and let it dry!
I know I didn’t have any pictures of the process so if any step is unclear or you have questions, please send me an email!
Here are some more pictures of the finished project:
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Rolled Paper Fowers

I am dying to have a bouquet of flowers that sits on my table but never wilts. I also want something thats a little unique. These beautiful Rolled Paper Flowers from Jones Design Company are exactly what I was looking for!
I love that they are bright, beautful, and they dont wilt! 🙂 Thats my kind of flower!
I also *LOVE* the look of the sheet music! Its so romantic and the color scheme is perfect! I made a little rosette last night out of some red paper and a green leaf. I will have to post a picture of it when I get home tonight!
Thanks to Emily for sharing this wonderful tutorial! Click here to get started on your new bouquet!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Burlap Table Runner

As most of you may know, my husband and I (like many people) are constantly doing projects around the house. We just got a new dining room table and its looking a little bare. I have been looking and looking for a nice table runner that will match the natural feel of our home, but I’ve had such a hard time finding the perfect one.
The curtains in my home are right next to the dining room and the ones in the back are white and the front ones are light tan color. I came across this photo of a beautiful burlap table runner:
This is just the look I was hoping to find and Marcy from Antique Chase made this look SO easy to achieve!
With a quick, simple, no sew tutorial, Marcy has made this project do-able for all of us! (which is awesome because I have zero sewing skills!!)
With some coupons for JoAnn fabrics (or your local fabric store) this project can even be pretty inexpensive!
Thanks to Marcy for a beautiful and easy project and for making my home a little more comfortable!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Planter Box Center Piece

My husband and I seem to be in a constant state of redecorating the house. Recently, we got a beautiful espresso brown dining table! I’m so happy! It is something I have always wanted to have and now I can check it off the list. Now comes the extra fun part where I get to decorate it!
This Planter Box Centerpiece from Shanty 2 Chic is a beautiful option for decorating your dining table!
This centerpiece is just so beautiful! My dining room is green and I think since my table is dark I would have to paint the wood white to lighten it up a bit but I love the sweet little stems of flowers! They add so much life to the space and they make it look fresh and clean.
Here are some more great pictures:
Click here for the tutorial!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Bunny Napkins

Day #7:
Easter is almost here!!! Get ready for Easter Egg Hunts, family gatherings, lots of sweets, and of course, as we explored yesterday, the Easter Dinner. To help decorate your table, I have found these adorable Bunny Napkins that will set the perfect tone for your dinner.
How can you resist these little guys?! This tutorial from Delish shows us how to fold a regular napkin into this friendly Easter decoration!
I would love to see how all of your Easter dinner tables!!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png
Edited: Added link back to the site (I forgot! oops!)