DIY Fall Leaf Placecards

I know it is only the 4th, but that means that we only have 20 more days to prep for Thanksgiving! I’ve said it before this year and I’m going to say it again – time is flying!! If your family is anything like mine, everyone shows up to Thanksgiving in their sweats and comfy clothes because we all just hang out and lounge around eating all day. Its glorious!!

I have been to a few “formal” thanksgivings and those are really fun too! I love seeing all the beautiful table-scapes, decorations and place settings. If this sounds more like your family, I have a really cool idea to share with you!

Fall Leaf Place Holders

I love that these are just printable place cards and if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, they are extra easy to make! Just print them out, cut them out and decorate them however you want! I really like how Julie from EAB Designs made the edges of the leaves look a little burned and aged. There are so many options with these cute place holders. Click here for the full tutorial!


Reader Tips! *Including a Stash-Buster Tip!!*

I don’t tell all of you how much I appreciate you often enough. I love it when you stop by and read what I work on, I love it when I get to read your comments, and I especially love it when I get emails from you!!
I recently got an email from one of my readers – Jennifer O – and she has some great tips about Home Improvement and a great idea for using up those pesky scraps of paper in your craft stash!
Tip #1

Use a body pouf to clean the grime off your shower walls! It works better than a sponge because its whole surface is like the green scratchy side of the sponge and it doesn’t leave any residue. (I’ve noticed that when I scrub the grout in my showers with the green side of the sponge it will leave little green flecks in the grout. Eww!)

Tip #2

This one is a really great one. Its a stash buster!! I know that when I do projects (especially ones with paper) I have a lot of left over materials. Here is how Jennifer uses these scraps:

“When I work on a project that has coordinating papers and embellishments I challenge myself to see how many cards I can make afterward in 15 minutes.  All the coordinating stuff is out, so it doesn’t take long and then I don’t feel bad for throwing away unused scraps because I have many lots of stuff out of it.”

Here is a picture of one of her challenges (click on it to read more about her project!):


Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful tips!!

Be sure to check back often for some more great inspiration! If you would like to have a project or craft featured, please send me an email at thewellcraftedhome{at}yahoo{dot}com!

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