Well Crafted Wednesdays #54!! {Link Party}

Welcome to another week of great tutorials, great recipes, and fun ideas for your home!! I cannot wait to see what you all have to share this week, especially since Halloween is this week! Yay!!!

Here are the top clicked links from last week:

Halloween Fruit Spiders

Halloween Pom Pom Fruit Spiders from Titi Crafty!

Paper Bottle Decorations

Paper Bottle Decorations from Wessens Art!

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Lace Candle Holders for Halloween

**Don’t forget to go here and enter our HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY!!! Good Luck!** 

These spooky and sophisticated lace candle holders are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! They are so easy to make and can add that elegance to all the fun and silly Halloween decor that I know everyone loves! *at least I know I do!*

The tutorial for these beauties is in another language but that’s OK because it’s pretty self explanatory. Happy Halloween Crafting!

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Gold Dot Vases

A while ago, I was in the dollar store looking for something cool to make for my sister’s birthday. I found all white place settings and I had just bought gold glass paint that I was using for a different project and a light went off in my head. I decided to do gold dots around the rim of the plate so that they would be pretty and decorative. I have found the next piece in her set that I need to make:
How to Make a Gold Polka Dot Vase
These cute Gold Dot Vases would go perfectly with her set that I made last year! Check out the tutorial for these cool vases here!
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Knockoff Nate Berkus Hurricane Vases {Feature}

I’m sure you have all figured this out by now but I absolutely LOVE candle holders. I look at them every time I go to the store! I just cant get ehough of them so it’s always great when I find a good deal on them. 
It looks like Crystal over at A Pumpkin & A Princess felt the same way about these hurricane vases she found at Target but at $20 per vase, I don’t blame her for passing up on them. They are pretty vases though! Here is an image of the original vases found at Target:
Instead of saying “oh well!”, she did what any crafter would do and created her own version! Personally I like her version better and at less than $3 per vase, I might just have to make some of my own!! Check these beauties out:
Nautical Decor

Head on over to Crystal’s blog for the full tutorial!!

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Made By Me Monday #2: Hurricane Vases

I am always excited to share the crafts that my family and I have made! This week, I got together with my mom and my sister (my usual crafting partners) and created these awesome hurricane vases!
Here is the tutorial for how we created these!
Step 1: Assemble the “ingredients”
  • 4 Stem Candle Holders (Dollar Store)
  • 3 Little Vases (Dollar Store)
  • Glass Etching Cream (Michaels)
  • Painters Tape (Michaels)
  • Cheap Paint Brush (Michaels)
  • E-6000 Glue (Michaels)
  • Newspaper
Step 2: Etch the small vases
Get paintbrush and etching cream and lay down the newspaper over your surface (this stuff is made of chemicals that eat away the surface of the glass so you can imagine what it would do to your table! Yikes!)
Tape off the area that you want to paint. Make sure there are no gaps!
Glob on the paint pretty thick and try to make it an even coat. Leave it on for 5 Minutes and wash off right away with luke-warm water.
This is what it should look like when it is dry and you take the tape off. If you want to make the same set of these vases that I did, you should make three of these!
Step 2: Attach the base for the short hurricane vases (Total of 2 vases)
Start with the small frosted vases that we just finished.
Grab the small candle holders (For the small hurricane vases you will only need one of these)
Add some of the E-6000 to the TOP of the small candle holders
It should look like this when you are finished. But make sure to give it enough time to dry!
Step 3: Attach the base for the large hurricane vase (Total of 1 vase)
Again, we are going to start with the frosted small vases that we made in step 1.
Grab 2 of the small candle holders for this one!
Glue the tops of the two small candle holders together with the E-6000. Let dry.
Glue the base of the small frosted vases to the top of your two glued together candle holders with the E-6000. Let Dry.
Here is the finished product!
 When I finished all of the 3 vases that I made, I put a little bit of uncooked rice in the bottom and added some small pillar candles. Here is what they look like finished!
Send me a message if you have any questions! I cant wait to see your projects!
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Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

So my husband, Eric, and I got married a little over a year ago and since we are just a small family right now (Eric, myself, and Murphy (our doggie)) we live in a two bedroom condo that is the perfect size for us! But…I absolutely cannot wait to get into a house!! The main reason for this is that I really want a yard. Our pup could use some extra room to run and be off of his leash outside and I would like to decorate an outdoor space.
I found these beautiful Wine Bottle Tiki Torches from Gerardot & Co. that would be an amazing way to decorate my future outdoor space!
I just love how inexpensive they are but they look so beautiful and they add the perfect accent to your outdoor space.
It would be fun to do with any empty bottle that you have lying around but if you enjoy wine, they actually sell the wine bottle tiki torch kit with actual wine in the bottle! (You can email them about this) So you can enjoy some delicious wine and know that you can recycle those finished bottles into a beautiful addition to your home.
Now I want my own yard even more than I did before I wrote this post! 🙂
Thank you to Erik Anderson for coming up with such an awesome design! I’m off to daydream about what my future home and yard will look like. I would love to see some of your finished projects!
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Made By Me Monday #1: DIY Candle Holders

I am so excited to show off our candle holders that were inspired by this tutorial on “stained glass” votive holders! I got together with my mom and my sister to create some custom candle holders of our own! Here are our pictures! I will show you all the pictures and then I will give you the tutorials!
My creations!
For all of the candles that are featured in this post, I went and bought basic candle holders from the dollar store.
Candle Holder in Back of Picture: I’ll start with the candle in the back of the picture first:
Materials: Candle holder, 1 spool of twine, and a little bit of hot glue
Step 1) Put a little bit of hot glue on the end of the twine and glue it down to the bottom of the candle holder.
Step 2) Wrap the twine up the candle holder (I put a little bit of hot glue on the rope at random spots along the way while winding the rope up so that it would stick better)
Step 3) Once you get the twine wrapped to where you want it, put a dab of glue on the end and enjoy your new candle holder!
Here is the finished piece!
Candle Holder on Right of Picture: This one was probably one of the easiest (even though they were all easy!) and again, I started with a dollar store candle holder!
Other materials: Mod Podge and tissue paper (I got that kind with the beautiful pattern from my local Hallmark store!)
Step 1) Cover the outside of the candle holder in mod podge.
Step 2) Apply the tissue paper over the mod podge.
Step 3) Trim the excess tissue paper off (I used a razor for this but if you are doing this craft with children I would suggest letting them use safety scissors or doing it for them). 
Step 4) Once the first layer of mod podge and tissue has dried, cover the outside of the tissue paper with another layer of mod podge, let it dry, and you are done!
Here is the finished product:
Candle Holder on Left of Picture: Again, I started with a dollar store vase! I actually used the same process as I did for the candle on the right side of the picture.
Step 1) Once I had finished the mod podge and tissue paper process, I grabbed some gold mesh-like ribbon and hot glued the beginning of the ribbon down to the jar.
Step 2) I continued hot gluing the ribbon down to the jar until it was all the way wrapped around and well secured and thats it!
I hope you guys enjoyed my tutorials! Here are some pictures of my mom and my sisters creations as well!
My mom’s creation! She used hot glue, the mesh-like ribbon, and some bamboo leaves from her garden 🙂 The best part about this creation is that only the top and bottom of the ribbon are glued down so she can use the mesh part of the ribbon to attach things to! How genius!
And this, is my sister’s beautiful creation! She used hot glue, some hollow, dead sticks from outside, some bamboo leaves, and a little bit of twine!  I love the look of this one and I must say I’m a little jealous that I did not think of this!
I would love to see what you guys create so send me some links to you cool candle holder projects!

 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

Yarn Wrapped Candle Holders

I love the little things that make a house a home. I love picture frames, toss pillows, book covers, shelves, and one of my all time favorite things in a home are the candle holders. I know its kind of silly and they are small additions to a home but they always make a room feel so warm and welcoming.
I think they can be used for any room of the house – including the garden or front porch if you consider those to be rooms. These candle holders from The Forge caught my eye right away! They are so easy to make and The Forge does has a great, easy to follow tutorial.
I love how they look warm and inviting but still look sturdy enough to be put outside to light you walkway or light up your garden.
Most of the things that I post about are DIY projects and because of that, they are pretty customizable.  These candle holders are no different! You can make whatever pattern you want to with the string and you can make them whatever color you want!
Happy crafting!
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