How to Preserve Fall Leaves

Here in Seattle, it is that perfect time of year. Let me paint the scene for you. People out on walks with their dogs, bundled up with scarves and jackets but still enjoying the blue skies and sunshine. Walking through their neighborhoods enjoying the beautiful weather and the changing of the leaves. Perfection! Am I right?

The only problem with this time of year is that its so short! I feel like one week the leaves will be bright and green and within a week or two they are all gone. I wish there was some way I could preserve the beauty of this season….oh wait! There is!!


Becky from The Mama’s Girls shows us her way of preserving the season in this great tutorial! Its super easy and it just requires two ingredients – one of which is water so does that really count as an ingredient? 🙂 This tutorial also helps to bring out the color in the leaves!

In her post, she also brings up a great point that these leaves would be perfect to use in a center piece or other decorating for fall/Thanksgiving! Head on over to The Mama’s Girls to check out the full tutorial!


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