Well Crafted Wednesday Features! {Weeks 19 and 20!}

Well…I’ve realized that I put too much on my plate and my family is the thing that will always come first! Now that I have {sadly} cleared my plate a little bit, I think that I will hopefully be able to get on a more regular schedule with my blogging.
That being said, I now need to catch up on my features for Well Crafted Wednesdays!
Here we go!
Features from Week #19!
All I can say about these delicious looking little beauties is Y-U-M!!! Thank you SO much to Sarah from High Heels and Grills for this awesome tutorial and recipe!!
With Halloween coming up, I am thinking more and more about what I am going to decorate with. Sarah from Sarah Dawn Designs has come up with such a cute idea of book pumpkins! Click here to check them out!
Features from Week #20!
I am loving that the holidays are right around the corner!! People are coming up with all these cute things like this pretty wreath by Sarah from Sarah Dawn Designs!! Thanks for the tutorial!!
And how can you resist this super cute Creepy Crawly Pumpkin Topiary! Get the how to from Noreen over at the Crafty Journal!
Thanks for all your wonderful projects!!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

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