Made By Me Mondays #4: Monogram Peacock Mirrors

I’m SO happy to be finished with these mirrors!! I’ve been working on them for two weeks now and I’ve only been able to do a little bit at a time. I found these red IKEA mirrors at a garage sale for $1 a piece
I got three of them and I was thinking they would be beautiful above our bed! They have so much potential!!
While I loved these mirrors, red does NOT go with our bedroom so I decided to paint them white and put a cute little design on them! I had a hard time picking out which design to do. I tried bamboo, a cute little boxy pattern, and a few other ones but nothing looked good…finally I decided on peacocks!! Here is how I made them (this is a pretty easy little project):
Materials needed:
     1: Three square mirrors from IKEA ($1.00 per piece from garage sale)
     2: Painters tape (Michaels)
     3: White paint (Michaels)
     4: Gold paint sharpie (Michaels)
Step 1: Tape off the mirror so you dont get paint on it. After you do that, paint your mirrors white (dont forget the edges!!). This might take a few coats 🙂
Step 2: Find cute pictures of you and your husbands initials and put them on one of the mirrors using the gold paint sharpie.
Step 3: Find a drawing of a girly looking peacock and put it on the second mirror.
Step 4: Find a drawing of a manly looking peacock and put it on the last mirror.
Step 5: Put them all together and hang them on the wall!
I would love to see what you guys come up with if you take on a project like this (or any other project for that matter)!!
 photo TheWellCraftedHome_zps26a4d5c3.png

17 thoughts on “Made By Me Mondays #4: Monogram Peacock Mirrors

  1. Very cute, love the peacocks! I wonder if there's anyone out there who doesn't have a set of these mirrors? I put mine above a doorway to look like a sort of transom window. Thanks so much for linking up at Etcetorize this week!

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